DESCARGAR: IAAF Track and Field Facilities Manual 2008 Edition – Chapters 1-3


While establishing the IAAF Performance Specifications for Synthetic Surfaces
Outdoors in association with the International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
(ISSS), it became very clear to the IAAF Technical Committee from discussions with
track manufacturers and others in the industry that guidelines for the planning of Track
and Field facilities were very necessary.
At the same time the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities
(IAKS) had also identified this requirement in respect to the special aspects of athletics.
Based on a proposal submitted by IAKS and funded by the International Athletic
Foundation, the IAKS and the IAAF Technical Committee embarked on an exhaustive
study aimed at providing a comprehensive reference work.
Thanks to the further close co-operation between these two groups and to the
invaluable input of many experts, firms involved in the industry and athletics persons
throughout the world we are pleased to present after 1995, 1999 and 2003, this fourth
edition of the IAAF Manual as a comprehensive guide to future construction of Track
and Field facilities.
The Manual is intended for use by stadium planners and as an essential guide to
IAAF member federations, national and municipal authorities and all involved in the
planning, constructing and running of facilities for Track and Field athletics. It is not
intended to be a complete text book on how to design athletics facilities but rather to
provide specific information that may not otherwise be available to designers.
The Editorial Board made up of members of the IAAF Technical Committee and
the IAKS took advantage of this new edition to revise the contents of the manual.
With the cooperation of the authors, Chapters 3 (Construction of the Track) and 8
(Facilities for Indoor Athletics) have been extensively revised, and a number of
suggestions from readers have been included. At the same time some editorial
changes were made and printing errors were corrected.
The fourth edition reflects the latest knowledge and experience available in this
field and introduces new contributors. We would like to dedicate this edition to two
of the original team who died just before the issue of the third edition. Tony
Rottenburg, former Honorary Technical Consultant to the IAAF and the creator of many
items of Track and Field equipment as owner of the firm Cantabrian, and Professor
Frieder Roskam the late General Secretary of IAKS each contributed greatly to the
original project under the leadership of former Technical Committee Chairman Carl
Gustav Tollemar.
We are also providing this edition in an electronic version for reference by
practitioners whilst away from the office.